We’re Making BIG Moves!

As much as I like blowing up my Facebook about what our little family is up to, I can’t bring myself to writing a super long status to update everyone. I’ve decided to just start a blog to keep you guys updated!  I’m also WAY too lazy to start a private group and invite people for updates.  Ugh, can you imagine combing through our Facebook friends list for that?!  This way, I can just post on Facebook when I publish something and whoever really cares (or feeling nosy) can just read!

As most of you know (or should know) we are moving to Minneapolis this summer and we’re getting ourselves ready!!  We’ve even got a few boxes packed and stuff ready to donate!  Chad and I will be flying out on the 18th of June and Michael will follow on the 21st.

We’re also on milestone watch with Chad.  He’s started scooting around, trying REALLY hard to crawl…but he uses his face to get ahead then gets frustrated and just rolls over.  He’s also started standing with help of chairs, couches, and the laundry basket for balance.  He can’t get himself up, so he only stands with help.


Yeah, check that guy out…finally putting those thunder thighs to work!!  He’s getting rather large but it doesn’t look like he’s graduating from his 9-month clothes just yet.

I’ll try very hard to keep this up but, of course, with the move in three(ish) weeks, I’ll probably put more effort once we’re there.



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